Tips to maintain your beauties !!!

  • Jewelry once used, please wipe with a soft muslin cloth, doing so will wipe off the salt contents of sweat.
  • Avoid keeping your beauties in velvet boxes, it tends to react with the chemical glue used to stick the velvet.
  • Always wear the jewellery last and remove it first.
  • To keep them away from moisture contact, store and maintain them in air tight zip lock bags and boxes.
  • All the gorgeous pieces are 24 kt gold plated so can be repolished if it fades away after a time.
  • Keeping in mind the roughness which skin goes through, we have crafted pieces which are anti allergic.
  • Please remove your jewelry before shower or a dip in the pool as the chemicals can dull the polish and chlorine can discolour the product.
  • Lastly, to smell good is nice but, keep it away from perfume.

Remember: Even gold jewelery polish fades away ,so these tips are going to help in keeping them shiny and lusturous for long.

Happy wearing!!!